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The crankshaft bearing scraping
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:bearing

the crankshaft bearing 80kva generatorscraping the basic process, and the requirement of the journal contact area, firmness and contact area of the relationship between processing and so on, with the connecting rod bearing. But connecting rod bearing is a single joined together, and the crankshaft bearing is a few of the crankshaft bearing support by a crankshaft, and this requires scraping all the way after the center line of the crankshaft bearing must be consistent. Therefore, horizon calibration should be done firstly, then research the bearing.

1, horizon calibration,

(1) put the cylinder block down on the bench, wipe the crankshaft bearing seat, will be equipped with good bearing load on the corresponding bearing seat, with the bearing cap bolts of 8 ~ 10 mm thick iron plate pressure bearing back ends, no more than the crankshaft bearing alloy layer, or borrow the crankshaft pressure of its weight to make it stable.

(2) in the crankshaft neck coated with a thin layer of the bearing is blue, the crank shaft in the bearing seat, don't pack bearing cover, turn the crankshaft for several weeks, will take off, the crankshaft at each bearing contact situation, such as every word contact at both ends is a bit of position as normal. If the contact is not consistent, but there is not much difference, can be higher than the bearing fix some, if the difference is too big, or individual bearing contact less than, shall generally be selected separately.

(3) according to the way the bearing the weight of the contact trace to shave, repeat the above operation, until the correction to make on a piece of the bearing surface close to the middle place, make sure that the bearing at the same level, and then down pressure plate.

2, scraping match each bearing

(1) is installed on the crankshaft, pad into the proper (or original) gaskets, according to mark with good bearing bush bearing cover. Four press 2, 3, 1, 4, 7, 4, 2, 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 order torsional bolt. Each twist together, rotate the crankshaft several laps, slightly loosen the bolt and then to another. After the completion of each way, remove all the crankshaft bearing cap, examine the imprint for repairing. Trim the scraping scraping method and connecting rod bearing the same.

(2) repair the bearing must be repeated many times, each bearing cap bolts should gradually increase the same torque tighten, and adjust gasket according to its firmness. School order: if it is the first of three bearing middle school together; Four of the school, the first three two way; Seven of the school, the first four, seven each way, the rest every once in a school, in the school.

3. Practical experience has shown that the bearing blue two head should be more food, eat of should pay attention to keep the two contact surfaces; A good contact, the contact is poor, should be bad, for good. After repeated many times up and down with the blow, the crankshaft bearing and the journal of basic depend on timeliness, tighten bolt torque by the regulation again, fine scraping for upper and lower bearings, until meet the technical requirements.

(4) repairing the scraping the bearing contact surface should be not less than 75%, after last line should be not less than 85%, in case of oil spill.

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