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Air-cooled diesel engine maintenance points
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To do a good generatorjob of air-cooled diesel engine maintenance can reduce the operation cost, reduce wear and prolong the service life of machine elements. Now FL912 type diesel engine, for example, instructions and maintenance instructions.

(1) every 10 h maintenance content. Check the oil sump oil level; Inspection, cleaning the oil bath type or dry type air filter, oil level shall not exceed the prescribed time after filling the oil money, also not to add oil to the primary filter; Check the diesel oil water separator filter, put away the cup bottom precipitation water, the water but not overly tighten bolts, lest the slide fastener.

(2) per 100 h maintenance content. Cleaning oil transfer pump diesel filter; Check the jet fuel injection pump and governor of the oil level; Check the quality of the oil sump oil, if necessary, replace (at the same time change the oil filter); Check the fan belt tension; Check the battery electrolyte; Cleaning the body heat sinks and oil dirt on the radiator (available wire brush or with compressed air blowing, if a steam jet is better. If use cleaner, finally got to rinse with water, and let the engine run to heat up, make the residual moisture Fan Fa off, in case of rust). Check the fan belt tension alarm function is effective and necessary maintenance.

(3) per 300 h maintenance content. Check valve clearance, but the phone or overhaul machine, the initial inspection of the valve clearance should be when the job is 20 h.

(4) per 600 h maintenance content. Check the cylinder head temperature alarm, the twist in the I cylinder sensor on the cylinder head off, into 150 degrees of engine oil, machine set pointer should be in red fan range, lights shine at the same time; Otherwise should be maintenance.

(5) per 1200 h maintenance content. Check the starter and generator; Filter cartridge replacement fuel injection pump; Correction of injectors and fuel injection pump. In addition, still should check before winter flame heating plug or starter liquid equipment is normal.

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