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The advantages of electronic governor
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load changes of diesel engine include speed changes. Specifically: load decreases, speed increased,rotation speed increases which lead to the increase of plunger pump fuel at delivery per cycle,the increasing of the fuel cycle can lead to a further increasing in speed, so keep the vicious cycle diesel generator, which can make engine speed more and more high; conversely, when the negative increases, the rotating speed is reduced, speed is reduced which leads to a reduction in the plunger pump fuel delivery at per cycle, increasing the amount of the fuel cycle leads to further reduce the speed, which make the engine speed is more and more low, and finally is the flameout; according to the variation of load automatically adjust the amount of oil and change this kind of vicious circle. The automatic control of the diesel engine can running in stability at the specified speed range. Mobile fuel rod, can change the cycle of oil production, the engine speed is basically unchanged. Therefore, the diesel engine must meet the requirements, you must install the governor.

Now at home and abroad,the diesel generator governor is electronic speed, but it is also a part of the mechanical speed.the advantage of electronic speed was not throttle can automatically adjust to fuel-efficient. And mechanical governor, the throttle is fixed, so the general fuel consumption is relatively a little higher. Generally large power generating units are using electronic governor. And in domestic Weichai generating units are using mechanical governor.the electronic governor can be help you to save a part of oil consumption.

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