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How to improve diesel generating sets the problem of pollution
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In order togenerator let everybody to further understand the diesel generator set, the following by the professional manufacturer of diesel engine fittings, diesel engine water pumps and other products for our simple introduction of the diesel generating set is through what improve the pollution problem of diesel generating set.

Diesel generator set power equipment is important in life, but in its operation will produce a lot of harmful substances, serious pollution of our living environment. This needs us in the use of generators to do some effective measures to improve its pollution problems. Diesel generating sets air intake system is mainly to filter through dust and impurities of air into the cylinder through the air intake system improvement, after entering the air quantity can effectively reduce the combustion control of air pollution.

1. The variable swirl intake system

Because of the influence of intake vortex intensity of NOx emission is larger, with the method of variable swirl intake system based on the change of rotating speed and load to control the intensity of vortex flow, but without sacrificing efficiency reduce NOx generation.

2. The more valve technology

Using multiple valve technology (usually takes four valves per cylinder, intake valve and exhaust valve 2) can be expanded into total circulation sectional area, the exhaust valve, filling volume coefficient increases, and fuel injector can vertical layout on the cylinder axis, is advantageous to the fuel in the combustion chamber is uniformly distributed in the space, has improved its mixture formation and combustion condition, the exothermic regularity is more reasonable, exhaust gas sensitive in NOx emissions down, CO emissions decreased, and charcoal smoke also significantly decreased in the heavy load.

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