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Five conditions of diesel generator
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Diesel generator has the following five conditions, I advise clients to overhaul the unit:

1, diesel engine to turn, accelerated significantly, instability, sound mutation, black smoke exhaustion;

2, diesel engine is difficult to start at room temperature, in the process of operation the crankshaft bearing, connecting rod bearing and piston pin is knocking;

3, diesel engine at normal temperature, the cylinder pressure is not up to the pressure of the 70% provisions;

4, diesel diesel generator fuel, oil consumption increased significantly its phenomenon is the black smoke;

5, the diesel engine internal cylinder, piston ring wear, cylinder roundness, taper, clearance between the piston and the the cylinder, crankshaft and connecting rod journal ellipticity exceeds the specified limit;generator often has other serious phenomenons, such as the exhaust pipe is red, there is a serious problem of unit generator which is used for more than 10 years

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