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Double clutch transmission gearbox
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:transmission

Double clutch transmission in a transmission to achievegenerator the function of the two manual transmission. In order to help you understand the meaning of this sentence, we can review the work of the traditional manual transmission. In the use of standard shift lever shift of the car, if the driver to change from one gear to another, he must first step on the clutch pedal. This action can operate a clutch, so that the engine and the transmission disconnect, interrupt transmission to the transmission of power. Then, the driver uses the shift lever to select a new gear, which involves moving the gear coupling from one gear to another. A device called the "sync" is a device that allows the gear to be matched to the combination to prevent the wear. Once the new gear is changed, the pilot can release the clutch pedal, thereby allowing the engine to be connected to the transmission and transfer power to the wheel. Under

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