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Diesel generators are widely used in the construction industry
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to the need of fire prevention, fire safety, puts forward strict requirements on power supply reliability. At present, we generally use diesel generators as an emergency power supply.

Generator is to convert to other forms of energy into electrical energy machinery and equipment, he composed of water turbine, steam turbine, diesel engine or other power mechanical drive, water, air, fuel burning or nuclear fission energy into mechanical energy to generator, is converted to electricity by a generator. Because the capacity of the diesel generator is bigger, continuous power supply time is long, can run independently, not affected by power grid failure, high reliability. Especially some areas commonly used under the condition of the line is not very reliable, the diesel generator as a backup power, can have the effect of emergency power supply, but also through the optimization of low voltage system, can make some of the more important load use when mains power outages, so diesel generator is widely used in engineering.

of course, this is not the only application of generator set industry, life, generating set exists in every corner.

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