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The basic cause of the failure
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motor phase to phasesilent diesel generator short circuit occurs in the stator winding of the generator if not removed in time will burn down the whole motor generating set, caused very serious consequences. Therefore, we must have two or more than two sets of protection of the fast response to such failures. motor generator stator winding occur inter turn short circuit, in the short circuit ring produced large current, at home and abroad have had such due to inter turn short circuit burned, and even burning motorpower generation units.

with the motor generator design technology has become more sophisticated, in-phase slot winding is less and less, the possibility of inter turn short circuit also is greatly reduced. stator single-phase grounding does not belong to the short circuit fault, however, due to the following reasons, the single-phase grounding fault is required a sensitive and reliable reaction

will burn core fault point.Most of the the grounding of non grounded phase voltage increases, the insulation effect. due to faults in the excitation device, the excitation winding short circuit, causing loss of excitation (total loss of magnetic or partial loss of excitation), the motor generator in asynchronous operation, on the system and motor safe operation of generators are have great influence.

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