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Diesel generator set runtime noise analysis from different sources
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:noise

Noise of diesel enginesilent generator 50kva price unit is composed of a variety of sound source complex sound source.According to the way of noise radiation, it can be divided into the air dynamic noise, surface radiation and electromagnetic noise.According to the reasons, diesel generating sets can be divided into the burning surface radiated noise and mechanical noise.The aerodynamic noise of diesel engine unit noise of main noise sources.

1. The aerodynamic noise is due to the unsteady process of the gas, which is by the disturbance of the gas and gas interact with objects and diesel generator set noise generation.The aerodynamic noise directly to the atmospheric radiation, including air intake and exhaust noise and cooling fan noise.

2. The electromagnetic noise is generated by the generator rotor high-speed rotation in the electromagnetic field noise of diesel engine unit.

3. The combustion noise and mechanical noise is difficult to distinguish between, will often due to a diesel generating set formed by the combustion in cylinder pressure fluctuation through the cylinder head, piston, even the porch, crankshaft, the body to the outside noise radiation of diesel generating set is called the combustion noise.The piston of the cylinder liner strikes and movement of the mechanical vibration and noise of diesel engine unit according to the mechanical noise.Generally di diesel engine combustion noise than mechanical noise, instead of a di diesel engine mechanical noise is higher than that of combustion noise.But low combustion noise are higher than that of mechanical noise during operation.

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