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Diesel generator outside factors in a low pressure detection
Update:2017-02-04 Tags:pressure

1. Check the oil quality and quantity

For low oil generatorpressure of diesel engine, the general should first check the oil amount is in line with the requirements. Too little quantity of oil of fault are obvious, such as oil conforms to the requirements or too much, should be carefully observed the oil diesel oil and water. If mixed with diesel engine oil, engine oil is thinning, viscosity decreased, leading to low oil pressure.

2. Observe the oil pressure sensor and the engine oil pressure gauge

(at this point is not starting diesel engine power supply is connected), observe whether the oil pressure gauge pointer is moving and accurately is back to "0". Such as engine oil pressure gauge pointer does not move or fail to return to "0", is the oil pressure gauge, or oil pressure sensor failure, or the circuit failure.

Can be in the main oil path through a homemade straight oil pressure gauge (0.1 ~ 1.0 MPa barometer of restructuring), diesel engine starting, if the oil pressure is normal, from the list of direct pressure instrument and of fault is still in the phase locked circuit, direct pressure stress on the table is too low, the diesel engine and no ring, can be the first diesel engine main oil duct of engine oil pressure valve and pressure regulating valves on the oil strainer debug, observe the effect of debugging.

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