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Winter diesel generator maintenance
Update:2017-02-13 Tags:temperature

Many diesel generating generatorsets are now equipped with automatic function, is also a city power generating set automatically start, call automatically shut down after the diesel generators. Now is summer, the temperature is high, there would be no problem at first. But if it is winter, the temperature is low, the beginning of the power unit is difficult. Generators can't start the engine, because antifreeze oil temperature and reduce the engine cylinder. Adopts high quality stainless steel processing, water jacket heater is equipped with a temperature control device, with beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, long life and other characteristics, suitable for cummins engine, perkins, carter Peter, 135, Volvo diesel gas stay, etc., similar water-cooled diesel engine, generator and engineering locomotive, so in the winter when diesel generating set is hard to start when can you install the water jacket heater preheating start-up and antifreeze to warm up.

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