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The reason why the, diesel engine intake
Update:2017-02-18 Tags:cylinder

Diesel engineMTU generator intake a variety of reasons, weifang huaquan power machinery co., LTD. According to many years of experience in generator maintenance summary:

1, due to improper unit protective custody, rainy days or other causes of water from the pipe into the engine cylinder body;

2, room flooded, the whole sets of soaking in water;

3, cylinder pad is damaged, cylinder block in the inland waters of canal water into the oil duct, and then flows into the oil pan;

4, the resistance to wet cylinder liner of hydrosphere is damaged, due to the water tank radiator water high pressure, water along the outer wall of cylinder liner infiltration in the oil.

5,Damage of oil cooler, oil cooler is water or cooling fluid circulation, or after the bursting of oil cooler, oil and water within the oil will enter the tank, mixing together.

6, water pump seal damage, causing the water into the oil within the tao.

7, the tear in the engine cylinder or cylinder head, cylinder block due to sudden cooling or frost crack, water from seeping through cracks inside.

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