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Diesel engine parts water seal replacement method
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When the watergenerator seal of fresh water pump seal, lax or damage to the fresh water pump will appear slack phenomenon in the process of diesel engine operation. Water seal replacement method is as follows

1 remove the pulley with cable machine.

2 with the vise grip the impeller and the pump shaft with punch out, take out water seal, water seal replacement, to restore the water pump shaft when it is assembled with the amount of the impeller.

3, fresh water pump assembly

1 fresh water pump of qualified through inspection and repair, shall be assembled according to the decomposition of the opposite order.

2 remember when assembling the pump body and bell original relative position, prevent after the assembly and connection.

3 the shim thickness between pump body and the turbine shell is not allowed to casually, otherwise you will change with the relations between the impeller and turbine.

4 various fixed nut torque tighten according to regulations.

5 after the water pump assembly, should undertake technical inspection. The method is: turn the pump shaft shall be no jam phenomenon; Fill it up with water in the water pump, the inlet and outlet of the plug, turn the pump shaft, no leakage phenomenon for qualified.

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